A boy was coming out from the forest, wearing giant shoes like canoes or dragon boats on his feet. He jumped out suddenly. At that moment, I just found that was not solid ground under his feet, but the waving water. He stood on the surface of the water firmly, sliding like skating.

Water skiing competition was holding. Everyone had a set of such shoes. We were sliding on the playground. This is my elementary school playground. I shuttled in the crowd, waving my hand in the air. I could keep turning in high-speed for a long time on one foot. So that I can feel my leg muscles taut.

I decided to go further. I slid toward the gate. The gate was two tall iron railings, hinged together by chains, with a big gap in the middle. A girl was trying to turn over. I rushed toward the gap directly, but my hip bone got stuck the first time. I leaned my body to squeeze over.

I looked back and the girl still can't get over, so I decided to help her. The gate at that time become quite dwarf and soft in a sudden, waving like the chains above. I helped her by pressing down the chains and holding them. She tried several times, and finally came over.

I decided to travel. Seems there is a goal, but very blurred also. Maybe it's the end of a game, but also seems to find the most interesting place you've been. Or just because I want to go.

I crossed the road with two other guys. Stepped over the lawn for short. A beam of bright light hit on my right face. I turned and saw a police car driving to us. Someone was taking pictures of us. I am the nearest to the cops. I guess my face was recorded clearly, so that our record won't be clean anymore.

But we didn't stop at there, continued to step over the lawn. But when I reached the beach, I realized it was already dark. And there was nobody around me. I didn't know where the others of the game. There were a lot of people far away over the sea. Like little stars spreaded on the surface. I didn't know who of them were in the game. I didn't know the direction.

I took out my iPhone, searching the map. I found myself on the continental margin, in front of the ocean, or just a huge lake with a small island in the middle. I wanted to go there. I realized that I was familiar with the island's name. It should be some name in the reality. I spoke it out at that time casually. Seams like what town. But I can't remember it now. There is another island on the north of the island. I should be familiar with it also. A little further north, there is a small place with hollow squared sharp. I saw it light blue on the map. This is the color of the sea, which means it's a city submerged in the sea. Squared trench declined layer by layer, like terraces. Perhaps shouldn't be called trench, maybe sea pit more appropriate.

I stand on the seaside, though here is not a beach, but a dam a little bit far away from the sea instead. Like Xihai Square. Maybe I jumped directly, or found the way. Anyway, now, I am on the water, skiing on the water like skating, toward that island.

I didn't realize when. I arrived at the island. I was walking in a downward tunnel, in front of me, like a commercial street underground. There is a bench on the obliquely forward, with a lot of motionless people on it, like statues waiting for someone. And not me. I known clearly although motionless like them, they were alive.

I met my mom, and my second uncle. They asked me where to go. I answered I don't know. I have to think about it. I took out my iPhone again searching the map. I zoomed in to the island where I was. I realized that I was landing from the northwest corner of the island. And the island has only one tunnel from the northwest toward south then turned east to the southeast corner throughout the island. In the northeast is a huge mountain, taking two-thirds of the area of the island, pointing to the sky.

I thought for a while, and said I want to water skiing to Nanjing. Nanjing is on the north of this island, a little far away. Nanjing is a very large city. I can't find the northern border of it on the map. Hollow squared sharp, with walls layer by layer. The outermost layer is submerged in the water. I didn't know where is the gate. But I wanted to go.

My mom and uncle were looking at me with a kind of deep and noncommittal expression, and said to me, Nanjing is far away, it's meaningless for you to go there. I said I want to go. They said, you need double think about it. I wonder why I have to think over and over. It's just a short trip. I went out with my own pack.

After going out, I realized it was midnight now. The surrounding is all dark besides some distanced, scattered points of light. I suddenly began to worry about I would not skiing to it. If I lost strength in the halfway, there is no way to sleep. But I wanted to go. I felt like I have to go. Maybe I should find a local hotel for sleeping first. But I also felt that the sky would never light up, and the sun would never rise again. I heard the alarm in this little tangle.

2012-11-13 Morning