This Blog is first created at Jan 26, 2012, written in Ruby on Rails with a dark design, hosted at Heroku.

Later, I rewrote the UI in a very light style to guide readers to focus on the content.

Then static bloggers rose, and since Heroku was very slow in China, I abandoned Rails and migrated it to Jekyll, hosted at Github and GitCafe which is my first involved startup company.

And finally, I rewrote the UI again and it became what you can see today.

Along with this exploration, I setup a project for myself, "Brain", to record my mind and what did I do. As a side effect, it introduced project Smallest Blogger which aims to experiment how little code is needed to write a static blog generator. I made it with less than 200 lines of Ruby.

(Broad-)logging is life time project, as I am trying with Brain.